Kumcheen I.R. #1 looking East

Indian Hemp and Silver Willow woven fabric


Comprehensive Community Planning Meeting

Phase 2, Chief Whistemnitsa Complex, Spences Bridge, 2016

Nadine Methot, Pearl Hewitt, Dale Wilson

Nshaytkin Cultural Day, April 2016

Stein Valley Nlkaka'pamux School

Looking west towards the Stein Valley

Ceweta or Wild Celery

Kids art workshop, Chief Whistemnitsa Complex

Spences Bridge, 2015

Canned Salmon or as i call it, delicious!


Sxanxanmx or Arthur's Seat

Nlaka'pamux Face Painting Styles



A few CFIB band members

at the Comprehensive Community Plan Phase 2

Chilliwack Meeting, March 2016

Art Workshop Winter 2015

Berry Picking Basket, UBC Museum of Anthropology

Swooshum or Soap Berries

Chris Bose, Pearl Hewitt, Dale Wilson

Nshaytkin Staff Cultural Day

Stein Valley Nalka'pamux School

Mountain potato

(they do get bigger!)

CFIB band member Dale Wilson hits the wild onion jackpot!

Mountain potatoes, that tray is about 40 cm in circumference!


Nkemci'n or where the water meet, at the Nicola and Thompson rivers looking West.


New Cook's Ferry Indian Band signage, January 2016